Play Sand

Pete Lien & Sons produces the most 'kid' friendly play sand in the region. Our sand is washed and screened, with round particles that make for an excellent option for playgrounds, sandboxes & landscaping. 

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Line Marker

Pete Lien & Sons provides a specialty formula of white, finely ground, calcium carbonate that is a non-toxic, natural source for athletic field line marker.

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Super Slide - Infield Mix

Super Slide is a specialty blend of sports infield mix, scientifically engineered to provide the perfect playability for players at any level. The product is non-toxic, natural, and provides a great 'red' contrast to ensure players can always keep their 'eye on the ball.'

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Trails, Playgrounds, Backyards...

Pete Lien & Sons has a wide variety of aggregate, concrete and block options to build trails, playgrounds, & landscaped areas.

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Equestrian Arenas

Pete Lien & Sons supplies a number of products for riding arenas. Whether you are in need a fine or course sand, riding inside or outside, we have options that allow for a safe ride without creating too much dust. 

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Golf Courses

We take great pride in our ability to produce top notch USGA Sand, Top Dressing, & Bunker Sand for golf courses. Our products help maintain smooth and healthy greens while minimizing mower and maintenance impacts. Our bunker sand provides great drainage and has ideal particle size for playability.

We help improve golf course's beauty with our wide range of landscape block and rock.

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