Building Materials

Pete Lien & Sons products are built to last, to stand the test of time!

We supply the construction industry with calcium based raw materials for Asphalt Shingle, Joint Compound, Sealants, Paints.

We help build the communities around us with concrete, aggregate, sand & gravel construction products for commercial and residential buildings.

We also provide a lime product to help give your walls an authentic whitewash and restoration aesthetic

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Civil Engineering & Site Work

Pete Lien & Sons products help provide a strong base and foundation for civil and site work. We have a range of rock, sand, concrete and specialty blended products to meet the most stringent specifications, and have the technical support to help provide recommendations based on customer needs. 

Our lime products help stabilize soils and lengthen the quality & life of roads.  

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Residential Building & Landscaping

We take pride in building the residential communities where we live and work. Our products are diverse for any residential project. We supply landscape rock and block, concrete and block footings and foundations for homes, and concrete sidewalks.

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We supply the local and federal governments with building materials and ingredients that help our communities thrive:

Airport and Airforce Base Products - Pete Lien & Sons supplied specialty products for the Federal Aviation Agency along with highly specified aggregates and concrete to the Army Corp of Engineers. These products help ensure we have a safe and solid commercial airport and USA Airforce infrastructure.  

Our local governments ensure your water is safe to drink by requiring water purification standards for it's municipalities. Pete Lien & Sons is proud to provide the highest quality lime products on the market to ensure your water is not only safe, but also tastes fresh.

The USA Department of Transportation requires our communities to build strong interstate and state roadways by designing roads with strict specifications. Pete Lien & Sons concrete, aggregate and block are specified to support the Department of Transportation infrastructure. 

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