Sugar Production

Your food is sweeter and more pure thanks to Pete Lien & Sons high quality calcium, lime & limestone products supplied to the sugar manufacturing industry. Our products aid in the removal of impurities from sugar beets. 

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Pete Lien & Sons has food grade certified calcium products available for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement and additive. Calcium is needed by the body for healthy bones, muscles, nervous system, and heart. With Calcium's ability to neutralize acid, it is a great natural source to relieve stomach discomfort. 

Pete Lien & Sons' source of exceptionally high quality lime products act as a natural filler & neutralizing agent, along with a pH buffer in pharmaceutical products

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Food preservative

Pete Lien & Sons supplies the food preservation market with the highest quality lime products available in the USA. With the utilization of our organic hydrated lime, products can be preserved for extended shelf life, without negatively impacting the end consumer. 


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Tortilla Production

High quality hydrated lime is a necessity for the production of nutritious tortillas. Our lime allows the corn to be more easily ground during the manufacturing process, and also increases the nutritional value, flavor and aroma of tortillas, while reducing mycotoxins. 

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