Our Commitment




Pete Lien & Sons has a history of commitment to integrity, the health & safety of its employees, environmental stewardship, & providing high quality products along with excellent customer service.

Pete Lien & Sons is committed to operating with the highest ethical principles & values. All stakeholders act with honesty & integrity at all times. We build lasting ties of trust & mutual benefit in all interactions, by doing business honestly, responsibly, and respectfully.

The company's employees are the most valuable resource and create the competitive advantages that are key to our success. Pete Lien & Sons is committed to protecting the health and safety of it's stakeholders.

It's recognized that the company benefits from our earth, obtaining natural resources necessary for its business operation, and that enduring stewardship of the environment is an essential part of its social responsibilities. The Company will continue its commitment to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Pete Lien & Sons goal is to go beyond compliance through mining and concurrent reclamation plans to include a level of care and responsibility for the land and the habitat such that neighbors recognize the deep respect Pete Lien & Sons has for the environment.  

Pete Lien & Sons is committed to providing the highest quality products & customer service, so our customers recognize us as valuable business partners. The company is proactive and innovative, to exceed customer expectations and anticipate their needs. 

Pete Lien & Sons strives to be a good corporate citizen that contributes to local communities. As a result, the company and employees are committed to bettering the communities in which we live!