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Pete Lien & Sons has three sand pits in Southwestern South Dakota, situated along the Cheyenne River.


We offer concrete sand, masonry sand, and specialty sand. Applications range from concrete to playgrounds.

Decorative Rock

Our decorative rock is double washed, round natural stone for sale in numerous sizes between 3/8" and 2". Please call for size availability. The double washing ensures all particulates, fines, and sand are removed from the rock. Our decorative rock is ideal for landscaping, other decorative applications, and well drilling.

Sewer Rock

This rock is single washed. Common applications of our sewer rock are leach fields, roads, and a variety of other uses.

Transportation is available for all our Sand and Gravel products.

Safety Data Sheet - Sand and Gravel

Sand & Gravel FAQs

  • Do you have round river rock – used for landscaping and rock gardens?

    Yes, our sand & gravel plants offer round river rock that is double washed and is used for landscaping purposes. It is available from the sand & gravel plants or local retailers in the Rapid City market.

  • When does it make sense to purchase from Pete Lien & Sons vs. local retailer's for sand & gravel?

     Our feeling is that the sand & gravel plants are setup best for contractors and/or full truck loads. Anything less than a truck load of material, it makes more sense to purchase from local retailer's.

  • Do you do delivery?

    All operations perform delivery of our products. We utilize our own trucks along with local contractors. The customer is also welcome to pick up the material with their truck or trucking contractor.

  • Where are you located?

    a. Wasta

    b. Creston

    c. Oral

    d. Sundance

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