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Ready Mix Concrete – We have eleven plants in SD, WY, and CO and are experienced at hauling fresh, quality concrete over long distances to wherever your job site might be.

Why choose Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. Ready Mix

Our drivers, dispatchers, and supervisors are experienced in all types of jobs and construction sites, from standard foundation and driveway jobs to pours on a mountain side during the winter. We have American Concrete Institute certified testers available at all of our locations to ensure the highest quality products and support for your construction needs.

One-Stop Service

We have a fleet of Concrete Pumps which are available at any of our locations in South Dakota and Wyoming. All of our pump drivers are American Concrete Pumping Association certified. We offer pump truck boom sizes from 28 to 39 meters and are available to pump our concrete or concrete from another supplier.


We offer many products and variations of concrete from self-consolidating concrete (SCC), to pervious concrete, to shotcrete, and more. Our mix designs are proven and we are constantly experimenting with and testing new designs. We probably already have the mix design you need, but are always ready to adjust to meet your project specifications.


We have many colors and additives on hand and can special order if necessary.

Concrete Landscape Products

  • PreCast Concrete Products – We offer products ranging from bird baths, park benches, curb stops, and cattle guards. Please call for more information.
  • Redi-Rock - A retaining wall system that features one-ton, wet-cast concrete blocks with the "Essence of Natural Rock" look.  Redi-Rock can build tall gravity walls and even taller reinforced walls.
  • World Block - Large size blocks for use in landscape construction and long-lasting retaining walls. We offer both Landscape and Mid-Size Landscape varieties.


Safety Data Sheet - Ready Mix Concrete


Concrete in Practice Downloads

pdfpngCIP 1 - Dusting Concrete Surfaces pdfpngCIP 23 - Discoloration
pdfpngCIP 2 - Scaling Concrete Surfaces pdfpngCIP 24 - Synthetic Fibers for Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 3 - Crazing Concrete Surfaces pdfpngCIP 25 - Corrosion of Steel in Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 4 - Cracking Concrete Surfaces pdfpngCIP 26 - Jobsite Addition of Water 
pdfpngCIP 5 - Plastic Shrinkage Cracking pdfpngCIP 27 - Cold Weather Concreting 
pdfpngCIP 6 - Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade  pdfpngCIP 28 - Concrete Slab Moisture 
pdfpngCIP 7 - Cracks in Concrete Basement Walls pdfpngCIP 29 - Vapor Retarders Under Slabs on Grade 
pdfpngCIP 8 - Descrepancies in Yield pdfpngCIP 30 - Supplementary Cementitious Materials
pdfpngCIP 9 - Low Concrete Cylinder Strength pdfpngCIP 31 - Ordering Ready Mixed Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 10 - Strength of In-Place Concrete pdfpngCIP 32 - Concrete Pre-Construction Conference
pdfpngCIP 11 - Curing In-Place Concrete pdfpngCIP 33 -  High Strength Concrete
pdfpngCIP 12 - Hot Weather Concreting pdfpngCIP 34 - Making Concrete Cylinders in the Field 
pdfpngCIP 13 - Concrete Blisters pdfpngCIP 35 - Testing Compressive Strength of Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 14 - Finishing Concrete Flatwork pdfpngCIP 36 - Structural Lightweight Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 15 - Chemical Admixtures for Concrete pdfpngCIP 37 - Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) 
pdfpngCIP 16 - Flexural Strength of Concrete pdfpngCIP 38 - Pervious Concrete
pdfpngCIP 17 - Flowable Fill Materials pdfpngCIP 39 - Maturity Methods to Estimate Strength 
pdfpngCIP 18 - Radon Resistant Buildings pdfpngCIP 40 - Aggregate Popouts 
pdfpngCIP 19 - Curling of Concrete Slabs pdfpngCIP 41 - Acceptance Testing of Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 20 - Delamination of Troweled Surfaces pdfpngCIP 42 - Thermal Cracking of Concrete 
pdfpngCIP 21 - Loss of Air Content in Pumped Concrete  
pdfpngCIP 22 - Grout  

This information provided courtesy of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Interested in purchasing this information? Click here.

Concrete FAQs

  • How much concrete do I need?

    It depends. Please use the concrete calculator to come up with an approximate amount in cubic yards.

  • Where do I get concrete from Pete Lien & Sons?

    We have plants in Colorado, Wyoming, and Western South Dakota. Please check out the map for a location near you.

  • How do I protect my concrete?

    There are many best practices to ensure a quality finish and durable concrete. They can be done while placing the concrete or after it is set. See our Concrete in Practice tips for more information.

  • How can I most effectively place my concrete?

    Pete Lien & Sons has concrete boom pumps available for the easiest placement.

  • What is concrete?

    Cement, rock, sand, water, and admixtures like air entrainers, water reducers, or retarders.

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