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Spearfish Ready Mix Plant Receives Award 

The Spearfish Ready Mix plant has been selected as an “Honorable Mention in Category A” in the Eighteenth Annual NRMCA/Concrete Products Commitment to Environmental Excellence Awards Program. The Spearfish Plant was selected as an outstanding example of environmentally sound management for the ready mixed concrete industry. The Environmental Excellence Awards will be presented to honored companies during the Awards Luncheon at the 2013 NRMCA’s ConcreteWorks and Board of Directors’ Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. Scholarship Announced

  We are glad to roll out a new benefit to our employees.  Children and grandchildren of Pete Lien & Sons full-time employees are eligible to apply for a $2,500 scholarship per semester.  The details and application forms are located at the link below.  If you have children or grandchildren entering or enrolled in a college or a trade school, this scholarship program should be of interest. 


  We are looking forward to helping two worthy candidates achieve their dream of a good education.


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Ready Mix Driver Challenge, Rapid City, SD - June 2013RMChallengeGroup

On Saturday, June 8th, 2013, the finals for the Pete Lien & Sons, Inc, Ready Mix Driver Challenge were held in Rapid City. Twelve ready mix professionals from five regions in three states came to compete in the division finals.

The competition consisted of three parts: a written exam, a pre-trip inspection, and a driving competition. The written exam had questions in the areas of safety, environmental, product knowledge, equipment knowledge, and customer service. The pre-trip inspection involved a truck with 15-25 faults and the competitors had 5 minutes to try and find as many as possible. Faults were items the drivers would normally look for in a pre-trip inspection that they do every day, such as a broken tail light.

Finally, there was a driving competition which consisted of eight different challenges, focusing on maneuvering their trucks in tight location and safely negotiating hazards. These three components were weighted and combined to determine the winners.

There was an additional bonus challenge where a bowling ball was attached to the end of the chute on their truck and they attempted to knock down a set of pins by driving their truck and maneuvering the dangling ball to hit the “strike zone”. While this challenge was for fun and a bonus prize, it was consistent with the rest of the challenges in the competition – which was safely operating their truck and knowing the limits of it at all times. The chute is the contact point between the driver and our customer. Showing skill by being in control of the chute directly corresponds to safe truck operation. Every component of the competition was geared toward skill and safety when operating a ready mix concrete truck.

It was a great competition, with very close scores. We are proud of all twelve of the finalists! Our runner up with the second best score was Bill Hufstutler from Rapid City. The champion for the 2013 Pete Lien & Sons Ready Mix Driver Challenge was Dale Mahaffy, Sturgis. Dale will be attending the NRMCA national finals competition representing the company this September. 

LEED Project Involvement

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a practice developed and administrated by the United States Green Building Council. The goal of LEED is to provide a concise and measurable means for owners, designers, and builders to seek and implement green building practices. Achieving a LEED rating for a project is measured most notably by the implementation of recycled materials or design methods that minimize the impact to the environment.

Pete Lien & Sons has supplied materials for projects seeking to obtain LEED Certification. The most prevalent use to this point has involved flyash in ready mixed concrete. Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. has been actively using flyash as a cement replacement, or recycled material in concrete, for nearly 20 years! Benefits of using flyash also include reducing the permeability of the concrete, and mitigating Alkali Silica Reactivity. As of 2006 the LEED credit has been valuable to PLS customers through an increase in the replacement rate of 20% to 40%. An example of a project that used 40% flyash and achieved the LEED Gold rating is the Customs Enforcement Building (shown on this page) in Rapid City completed in 2012.

In addition to the use of a recycled product through flyash, the concrete parking lot also had a higher albeto rating (measure of solar reflectivity), which is also worth LEED credit. When Portland cement concrete is used for construction of parking surfaces, credit can be obtained for production of a sustainable design that reduces what the industry refers to as the Heat Island effect. Thermal images of a Portland cement concrete parking lot and asphalt parking lot on a hot day are shown for comparison. Simply put, the Portland cement concrete surface temperatures are lower because it reflects sunlight while asphalt concrete tends to absorb sunlight creating a higher heat condition.

Pete Lien & Sons has also supplied materials for projects seeking to implement LEED design principles even when LEED certification was not a goal. One such product is Pervious Concrete. Pervious concrete is a coarse concrete mix designed to allow storm water runoff to infiltrate quickly through the concrete and into a rock detention basin beneath the surface. This concrete is not only innovative in use but worth LEED credit through its storm water treatment capabilities and also thanks to the fact that it too utilizes flyash. Pervious concrete is typically used for parking areas, sidewalks or other low traffic areas in need of additional storm water detention. Pete Lien & Sons recently produced pervious concrete for the Founder's Park Improvements project located in Rapid City, SD. Photos of the product and Founder's Park are shown.